Discover After School is committed to serving families in the community who are experiencing hardship and are unable to pay full tuition. Scholarships are determined based on income and size of household. Families who are awarded the scholarship are required to pay 50% of the weekly tuition.

Financial Assistance Questions? :

Scholarship Verification

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants are expected to meet or maintain to the following requirements:

  1. Approved applicants must maintain a zero account balance.
  2. Both parents must be employed or be a full-time student.
  3. Scholarship applications will not be considered until a completed application is on file.

Recipient Expectations

Scholarship recipients are expected to comply with the following:

  1. The $12 Registration Fee must be paid annually.
  2. Approved applicants must maintain a zero account balance ($0).
  3. Applicants must reapply each school year to renew your scholarship.

Income Verification

Submit your documents with your application. Applications received without the required documents will not be processed:

  1. Working parents must submit copies of your last two paycheck stubs and most recent Federal Tax Returns (Form 1040 pages or 1040 EZ).
  2. Student parents must provide proof of current semester enrollment status and class schedule.

For questions about any portion of the scholarship process, please email

Scholarship Application

Please read the ‘Scolarship Verification’ section in its entirety before applying. You will need your Form 1040 and most recent tax stubs in a PDF, JPG/PNG, or word document format for uploading. When you are ready to apply, please complete the form below. 

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The Discover After School Approach

We have learned that every parent has the same fundamental desire. They desire for their child to receive excellent care from the child care providers they have selected. Every child deserves to feel welcome, safe and supported regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, family structure, and biases.

Discover After School is committed to providing a multicultural atmosphere where each child is not only welcomed but they are able to embrace their cultural differences while learning to appreciate and value the culture of others.

Diverse Group of Children