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Discover After School is advancing children through project-based learning, fundamentally and developmentally appropriate practices, and social and emotional learning with holistic reaching.

You might be wondering “Why the Adventures? They aren’t really on an adventure. They aren’t climbing Mt. Everest, or swimming from Alaska to Hawaii or some such gigantic feature.” And you would be right, to some extent. Our students are on an adventure to discover the joys of learning and the endless possibilities of who they can be. It is at Discover that our students receive their compass that will lead them to their road of discovery. Our inimitable program design is tailored to fit the specific needs and interests of each school.

Enroll in our exciting after school programs for kids in K-8th.

Robust lessons for kids, made by certified educators.

Looking for summer activities? We’ve got you covered.

Work doesn’t stop at the bell. Discover After School is here for families.

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STEAM Activities

Students explore developmentally appropriate Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math activities.

Homework Help

Certified educators help students succeed with their Academic assignments and better understand materials.

Recreation & Nutrition

Daily shaping of responsible citizens through character development, recreational activities and wholesome nutrition.

Discover Adventures

Adventures are themed daily, with exciting projects, technology, arts, problem solving challenges and much more.

After School Parent

Ursula J. Facebook Review

We absolutely love Discover! My son attends both the morning and aftercare and the staff is extremely friendly. They have many fun activities [that] my son likes to participate in... he is always looking forwards to being there.

Michael D. Camp Review

The counselors make me feel at home. They seem happy whether they're helping me with my homework or playing sports with us. The amount of activities is the best!

Melanie R. Parent Testimony

The organization really thinks through their events. They separate age groups so that teachers can focus on grade level education and activities. I love that they bring in technology too! I would highly recommend to other parents.

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