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Discover After school is advancing children globally through project based learning, fundamentally and developmentally appropriate practices with holistic reaching.


You might be pondering “Why the Adventures? They aren’t really on an adventure.  They aren’t climbing Mt. Everest, or swimming from Alaska to Hawaii or some such gigantic feature.” And you would be right, to some extent. Our students are on an adventure to discover the joys of learning and the endless possibilities of who they can be. It is at Discover that our students receive their compass that will lead them to their road of discovery. Our inimitable program design is tailored to fit the specific needs and interest of each school. Our after-school programs are developed based on the foundation of Discover and the culture of the school. Our programs are driven by a cutting edge curriculum that embodies Science, technology, engineering, art, and math with a millennial focus in mind. Say hello to the new normal of Afterschool programs. Welcome to Discover!  



Our Discover Trail Programs offer everything your child needs to be successful In & Out of school.


>>> Homework Assistance - At Discover, we understand the importance of giving students the opportunity to complete their homework each day. Our homework rooms are quiet and equipped with all the necessary items to complete their homework. Our Troop Leaders provide guidance and support to the students while also providing correspondence to the regular school day teacher and to the parent that homework was completed.  


>>> GET INTO CHARACTER (Character Development)

>>> STEAM  (Hands on Activities)

>>> GRIP (Hands on Projects)

>>> PHASE (Health & Nutrition Education)

>>> QUEST (Family Literacy Engagement)

>>> SAFARI (Performing Arts)

>>> EDGE (Life Skills)

>>> EXPLORE (Service Learning Projects)  


We can show you the way with a twist of adventure! 


All-encompassing experience in providing cutting edge before and after school programming


Discover Camp on non-school days


Didactic reinforcement to the regular school day academics


Providing individualized outcomes for special needs students through mainstream and inclusion


Practiced Grant team dedicated to researching and securing funding for at risk students


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