Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The Discover After School Approach

We have learned that every parent has the same fundamental desire. They desire for their child to receive excellent care from the child care providers they have selected. Every child deserves to feel welcome, safe and supported regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, family structure, and biases.

Discover After School is committed to providing a multicultural atmosphere where each child is not only welcomed but they are able to embrace their cultural differences while learning to appreciate and value the culture of others.

It is important to place emphasis on the importance of self worth, and cultural pride. As you look through this page, you will see how we incorporate diversity, equity and inclusion into our company culture and daily programming.

Diverse Group of Children

Diversity at Home

We believe that expressing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at home has positive impacts in our children. How can you facilitate DEI in your home?

  • Children learn by asking questions. Offer opportunity for questions, which leads to curiosity and knowledge. Inquire about other people’s differences in a respectful manner.
  • Encourage discussion at home. The dinner table is a great place to talk about the difference in equity and equality, and why both are important.
  • Attend community events as a family. Local events often celebrate different heritages and expose your children to new cultures.
  • Explain racism. It’s important that children know to stand up against racism and bullying.
  • Discuss bias and stereotypes. Children don’t realize what we see on TV is often stereotyped and our viewpoints may be limited to our personal experience. Help children learn that each person has a different life experience.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Our Programs

Everyday Discover After School focuses on creating an inclusive environment where every child feels safe. We enjoy teaching the children through hands-on projects that students take home and reshare with their families. Methods we express DEI in our programs include: 

  • Support – provide extra support to children that need varying levels of accommodations
  • Celebrate – celebrate holidays for all cultures throughout the year
  • Discuss – have open-ended discussions to answer questions about topics pertaining to people of different cultures
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What are families saying?

After School Parent

Ursula J. Facebook Review

We absolutely love Discover! My son attends both the morning and aftercare and the staff is extremely friendly. They have many fun activities [that] my son likes to participate in... he is always looking forwards to being there.

Michael D. Camp Review

The counselors make me feel at home. They seem happy whether they're helping me with my homework or playing sports with us. The amount of activities is the best!

Melanie R. Parent Testimony

The organization really thinks through their events. They separate age groups so that teachers can focus on grade level education and activities. I love that they bring in technology too! I would highly recommend to other parents.