Middle School Programming

About Middle School Programming

Our ESCAPE after middle school program  is an environment where students discover their talents, cultivate their dreams, and enhance their ambitions. ESCAPE provides our students with a platform to let their voices be heard. Our structured hangouts promote students socialization and collaboration outside the classroom. 

For our ESCAPE program, students will get into character by demonstrating confidence, role play peer-pressure,  learn anti-bullying techniques, and build leadership skills. Students work on life skills such as financial literacy, culinary arts, career readiness, and proper etiquette. This will provide them with important developmental tools, and help them find new ways of thinking. Students also practice problem-solving and are taught methods on how to socialize, make new friends and how to recognize the impact of their actions. 

Daily Activities
Science Seeker Mondays: Interactive projects and experiments
Tame Technology Tuesdays: Coding, media, photography and more
Explore Engineering Wednesdays: Adventurous problem solving and critical thinking
Adventure Arts Thursdays: Art and and music history, theory and innovation
Moving Math Fridays: Dance through time telling, math facts and counting money

Recreation, Health & Nutrition

RHN (Recreation, Health & Nutrition) offers daily shaping of successful and responsible citizens through character development on a weekly basis. Our students are taught practical principles of character through various activities and RHN exercises.

Get Into Character
Every day we are shaping successful and responsible citizens through character development on a weekly basis. Our students are taught practical principles of character through various activities and exercises.

Career Exploration
Here at Discover, we offer career exploration, which enables students to gain insight into potential careers. Students learn what skills are necessary for a particular career and what those who are in the profession do as part of their job. With this information, students can imagine themselves in careers that suit them. Discover offers career readiness through cooking, engineering, math, art, technology, and more. Career exploration experiences and opportunities can improve academic performance. Career exploration improves students' knowledge of career options, encouraging them to develop and work toward their goals during the years. Students will develop many skills as they grow such as communication, organization, problem-solving, and self-confidence.

Registration for Middle School Programming

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Schedule for Middle School Programming

Morning Schedule of Activities: To be determined

Afternoon Schedule of Activities: To be determined


Frequently Asked Questions

Parents we encourage you to review the Frequently asked questions page, which goes in depth on the parent portal, registration information, billing details, and general questions.
After Middle School Program - Registration

What are families saying?

After School Parent

Ursula J. Facebook Review

We absolutely love Discover! My son attends both the morning and aftercare and the staff is extremely friendly. They have many fun activities [that] my son likes to participate in... he is always looking forwards to being there.

Michael D. Camp Review

The counselors make me feel at home. They seem happy whether they're helping me with my homework or playing sports with us. The amount of activities is the best!

Melanie R. Parent Testimony

The organization really thinks through their events. They separate age groups so that teachers can focus on grade level education and activities. I love that they bring in technology too! I would highly recommend to other parents.